If you need to reverse engineer or just need help solving a problem we can help. Our experience can assist in design for manufacturability to keep cost low. If form and function is what you need we are able to assist.

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When it comes to job shop machining and fabricating you’ve come to the right spot. This is what we do! If your project requires for a few pieces or many we are set up for low quantities as well as higher quantities. Whether you need welding, fabricating or machining services we can help.

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You’re looking for help beyond just machining and fabricating? We are able to provide coatings from powder coating, anodizing, zinc, nickel, chrome and others as well as light assembly so you get the parts you need for your assembly or install how you want it. We look forward to hearing how we can help.

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What we do

Vanguard Machine leads the way in delivering high quality, precision machined and fabricated parts while creating excellent relationships with our customers. It is in everything we do, without the customer we do not exist!

We strive for customer satisfaction at every turn. At Vanguard Machine we have a group of dedicated people who come to work each day wanting to do their best. It is no secret, there are three pillars of success we rest on: People, Process and Product. If we have great people, and do the right things, we will deliver a great product; resulting in a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our say-do ratio is paramount. We take great pride in maintaining a high level of credibility. When we commit to something we do everything we can to make sure we meet those commitments. Vanguard Machine is also committed to the lowering our carbon foot print. The building we are in has a 50KW DC solar array that we tap into and when we are not using it, it goes to support the electrical grid in our area.

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